Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Protein No Bake Balls

Weekend Snack Ideas
Ever craving something sweet on the weekends but don’t want to ruin the progress you had throughout the week!? When you have more free time on the weekends, if you are like me I need something chewy and chocolaty…. and FAST. I’m not a huge baker or cook so I wanted to find something that was EASY and didn’t take too long to make. This recipe is one of my FAVORITE sweet treats that feels like a cheat but actually isn’t. They are called Protein No Bake Balls. You can use any type of protein you want and any flavor you chose. I am a chocolate fan so of course chocolate protein is my go to. Hope you enjoy this little sweet treat. Word to the wise put them in the freezer so you don’t eat them all in one sitting. ;)
Protein No Bake Balls
What you will need
½ cup protein (any brand or flavor works, I prefer Chocolate Shakeology)
½ cup natural peanut butter or almond butter
½ raw organic oats
3 tbsp honey
Pick one fun ingredient to add in, try them all, mix it up
½ cup raw mixed nuts
½ organic unsweetened coconut flakes
½ cup coco nibs
½ organic chocolate chips
½ raisins
Three Simple Steps
Mix it all together, dig in with your hands get dirty (licking of the hands is strongly encouraged!)
Roll them into ping-pong size balls
And cool them (fridge or freezer works)


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