Tuesday, December 27, 2016

All Access All Year!

What if you had EVERY program Beachbody has EVER made and access to premium content even the programs they haven't even come out with yet?

We all love our Amazon Prime accounts and Netflix memberships right? Well this new offer Beachbody has put together is just like that, but for fitness.

Everyday I log into my laptop and pull up my online membership and log in. I pick the program I'm following and I press play. Plugs right into my TV in my apartment and I'm set! I travel a lot too being away from my family. I am on planes a lot and in hotels. This All Access Membership is to a site called Beachbody On Demand and it's just that! ON DEMAND, anywhere you can get wifi you can get your personal trainer.

This Beachbody On Demand or for us lifers we call it BOD. BOD is amazing for boredom, and for people who like to change it up constently. I still like following a 21, 30, 60-day program but some people hate that. Well with BOD you get all access NOW to EVERYTHING! Which is for people who seriously want to take their fitness to a new level this 2017!

Now what a better time of the year for this to be released! With gym membership prices sky-rocketing, everyone now has their own fitness program they want to sell you, different memberships that are super expensive but not this one though! For a LIMITED time only (about two months) Beachbody is giving you access for only $99!! #MicDrop #MindBlown

Now it gets better. The reason I got hooked on these programs three years ago was because I had the solution of Shakeology as well. Superfood nutrition as my daily dose of dense nutrition. Like my vitamin packed breakfast everyday. This is the number one reason I finally got the results I wanted to see that I had been never been able to see with just killing myself at the gym.

Not done yet... So these containers, seen them before? Well, these things have been the reason for millions of people seeing results that were life changing. Habit forming and really a game changer. Portion control is HUGE and a big part of your results. With this All Access Challenge Pack you now get a full set of portion controlled containers!

You get all this PLUS me as your Coach to help you throughout the whole year. I run support groups to keep you accountable as well and these you will get access to join with this All Access Challenge Pack. Plus it comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. This all comes bundled for a limited time only for only $199. Amazing they were going to charge $1,000 and I wouldn't be surprised if the cost goes up after the trial run is done to this but for now, they want to prove this way works!

I first bought a Challenge Pack three years ago and knew it was an investment in myself. I told myself I would quit after my third month of Shakeology. I even signed up to be a discount coach so I could receive a discount. Turns out these results were better than I thought. I was hooked! Loved the community I was a part of and the products. I'm so stinking excited about this offer because now I can really HELP people for a full year!

To explain this Challenge Pack and the full offer, I'll let our CEO explain- All Access All Year .

If you want to purchase the streaming only click here.

If you are ALL in and want the best savings and get the one month of Shakeology as well click here.

If you already have BOD and want to upgrade, you can do that as well. Just click here.

Let me know what you choose! I look forward to sharing this with so many people this upcoming 2017 and for them to be a part of my Fit4Life family! 2017 can be your year! Stop waiting and just go for it! The time is NOW!

Any questions please email JulesFit4Life@gmail.com and let me know you read my blog post.

Get ready for an amazing 2017!

Jules <3

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