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5 Healthy Tips for Traveling

5 Healthy Tips for Traveling
Are you like me, do you feel like you travel more than normal? I know I’m on a plane almost every other month. I use to date Ian, my boyfriend, from cross-country. I was in Iowa and he was in Washington State. Now I live in WA too and my family is still back home in Iowa. Planes are my home, so I am use to it. I have figured out a routine that works well for me that I wanted to share with you. Maybe you are a frequent traveler like me. You might even have more tips than me. Feel free to leave a comment and share those with me. But maybe you are just an occasional traveler. The time I’m writing this it’s almost the holidays and I know a lot of people will be traveling to see their families so I hope everyone can benefit from these tips.
Tip 1- Always start your travel with fuel.
Even if you have a trip scheduled for 5am. Always blend up a shake or make a protein packed meal before you leave. You might not get a lot of options to get food right away and even if you can you save money buy eating before you leave and it’s much healthier for you. Why protein? Well, that will keep you fulfilled longer and satisfied. For me, I usually will make two eggs a piece of toast, and make my favorite superfood shake.
Tip 2- Bring your own snacks.
Trick is don’t forget them! Bonus tip; add a reminder in your phone to remind you the morning of. Some of my favorite snacks I will make are:
                    -Protein energy bites (Cookie Dough Superfood Bites)
-Pre cut veggies and hummus (make sure you buy it in a small container under 4oz, or you put into a clear container no more than a few scoops.
-Oatmeal (just ask for hot water from the flight attendants, don’t forget the spoon)
-Fruit (make sure you check if you are flying internationally, most customs won’t let you take fruit but domestically you are fine.)

Tip 3- Try to avoid the pre-made food on the airlines.
No it’s not all bad but just be cautious. I like to avoid food that has been pre cooked or needs a lot of refrigeration or heat. Call me cautious but I don’t like to risk it. On a plane with those bathrooms, no ventilation, and a lot of usually unhappy flyers the last thing you want to do is get sick.
Tip 4- Get moving during layovers.
Anyone else get super tired of sitting when you travel? The flight isn’t the place to get up and pace the aisles either because that’s super distracting and 99% chance you will always bump into someone. So instead use your layovers and traveling to the airport steps wisely. Take the stairs when you can, skip the conveyor belt and try to beat all the slow people using it. (Promise it’s fun ;)) When you have a long layover find a good leaning spot and stand, walk around, try to find a fun path to walk and explore. Trust me your hip flexors will thank you, AND your energy will increase. So that next flight you won’t be so drowsy.

Tip 5- Bring your own water bottle
Fill up a big glass before you leave for the airport then make sure you drink it all before you get to security. Don’t be the guy with a full water bottle who’s deciding whether to throw it away or drink it right as he is about to take off his shoes. Once you make it through security refill and keep some for the flight. Flights seem to be getting cheaper and cheaper these days, smaller cups, and less water breaks. Just make sure you don’t have a water bottle with suction in it, I speak with experience that isn’t a good one to take thousands of feet in the air. Let’s just say if you do your whole row won’t be happy when it sprays everywhere. : P

Bonus Tip – Workout BEFORE you leave!
There are a lot of things you can do in just 20-25 minutes something to get the blood flowing before you sit again for hours. Yes if your plane leaves at 5am and you have to be at the airport at 4am you can workout as soon as you get to your location but you should try to fit it in as soon as you unpack because the excuses will set in fast!

Here are a few of my favorite workouts programs I follow that help me get it done in less than 30 minutes before I fly!

Have any other tips to make traveling healthier, comment below...

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